Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's the little things......

Well I am officially a statistic, one that I never wanted to be. Not only have I officially filed for unemployment, I no longer know what to tell people it is that I do. To me, unemployed sounds like I have become such a failure. When I take surveys, I no longer can say I am a full-time worker. It's a place I never expected to be. I went to school to support myself and it has been my main focus for the last 12 years. Without having a job, I feel like I have failed. Everyone is encouraging and telling me something better is out there and though I truly appreciate these words it doesn't make the phone ring to give me an interview.

Still looking, but no calls. Just getting the emails to let me know again, again that I wasn't even selected for an interview. I just want the chance to meet with an employer to know who I am and how I can benefit them as an employee.

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